Looking to slash your cost of connectivity and communication (without becoming a telco)?

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You'll benefit, they'll benefit, we'll benefit. It's win-win-win.

You'll Benefit

You’ll be amazed by the benefits you receive like locking in a substantial discount on your Sprint Telecoms services that can grow to 100% of your bill and be applied every single month. This is a first for the South African telecoms market.

They'll Benefit

Give your network access to our superb lockdown busting, work-from-home enabling solutions. Or help them to reduce their current internet and comms spend by at least 10%. Plus, they can take up the #ZeroYourBalanceChallenge too! 

We'll Benefit

Making enabling technology accessible to businesses and their people is really important to us, even more so in these particularly challenging times. Bringing new customers on-board gives us greater scale and opportunity to get better.

It's simple

All you need to do is…

Share the contact details of the people in your personal and professional networks that could really benefit from our quality, innovation and highly accessible pricing.

We will do all the heavy lifting for you and you will get to lock in a lifetime discount.


How it works:

Let’s say you’re an existing Sprint Telecoms customer and you have a monthly bill of R4,750. 

  • You refer ten friends and three of them sign up with Sprint Telecoms. 
  • If they have similar monthly paid bills to yours, you’ll get a discount of 10% x R4,750 x 3 = R1,425 off your next month’s bill. That’s a 30% monthly discount for as long as you all remain customers of Sprint Telecoms. 
  • If all ten sign up, you would zero your bill. The numbers are compelling! 

But what if they also start referring people and zero their bills, we hear you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Your discount is calculated on their bill before their referral discount is applied, so your discount is safe

Your friends will thank you

Superb lockdown busting, work-from-home enabling offers!

  1.  Cut 10% off their monthly bill for equivalent connectivity and communication services, regardless of who their current provider is (a bespoke solution could save them even more)
  2. Set up their employees with accessibly priced and rapidly installable fixed LTE home connectivity, and get a further 10% off for six months
  3. Get their team free access to Sprint Telecom’s revolutionary cloud-based communications platform for six months (no installation or subscription fees)
  4. Enjoy 50% off all airtime top-ups during the lockdown period
  5. And many other generous offers from our partners

Need more? Get them to take up the #ZeroYourBalanceChallenge too!

Uncomplicated Connectivity

Why are we doing this?

One of the many things this lockdown period has taught us is how much we depend on connectivity. 

The link between broadband internet and economic growth is well documented, but for us, connectivity extends beyond the internet. Its about connection, communication, collaboration and community.

Despite the challenges we face, we’re still fuelled by our belief in a buzzing, tech-enabled African economy – one that creates jobs, pushes boundaries and pursues causes that matter. And w
e’re doing what we can to help businesses and people get through this difficult season. We’re starting with you, our customers.

We're all about uncomplicated solutions that truly enable business growth and real socio-economic change.

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Fibre & LTE 

Frequently asked questions

Almost! The Sprint Telecoms Referral Program is for our customers, but its super easy to sign up with us if you aren’t yet one. Get in touch with one of our super helpful business consultants at

As many as you like! There’s no limit on how many friends you refer. But there is a cap to your discount on your monthly Sprint Telecoms bill – 100%!

Unfortunately, not. Benefits will only apply to the new referrals you make through the official program.

Your referrals are linked to your unique customer reference number. Any referral or online sign-up associated with that number will factor into your discount calculation.

Your referral code is your unique customer reference number. You can find it on your monthly invoice and in the correspondence recently sent to you via email.

You will get a monthly discount equal to 10% of the total paid invoice value of all your referrals in the previous month. Up to a maximum discount of 100% on your bill, excluding devices and equipment financed by third parties.

The maximum discount is 100% of your monthly bill, excluding devices and equipment financed by third parties. If 10% of the total paid invoice value of all your referrals exceeds your monthly bill, you could consider upgrading your services with us, or signing up for new ones – it’s possible they could also be free!

Absolutely, but not under this program. If your referral engine is firing on cylinders, you should consider signing up as a Sprint Telecoms Channel Partner to earn recurring monthly revenue. No tech or telco skills required. Simply reach out to and you will be helped.

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