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About Sprint Telecoms

Founded in June 2017, we are the leading provider in the Nelson Mandela Bay area. Trusted by over hundreds of local and national businesses, we offer pricing to fit all business types. Sprint Telecoms offers businesses a wide range of data related products, leading-edge technology and cost-effective business solutions. We appreciate that every business is unique and may have varied network and security needs. We get you connected, and keep you connected.


Humewood Golf Club receives an annuity income for each club member that signs up for any Sprint Telecoms service, including managed voice services, PBX, data/internet services as well as network and VPN services. 

After monthly premiums have been collected, a one month in arrears of 10% of all monthly charges as well as a once-off capital sum paid of 10% of the GP obtained is sponsored to the club.



5% annuity collected will be allocated to the members spending account at the club every month collected.

5% once off in conjunction to the GP earned might be allocated to the members spending account as well. 

Any member can use the reference #SprintxHGC when signing up.


Any questions?

Please feel free to contact:

Dennis Bell - director, sprint Telecoms

065 850 8164

Brendon timm - manager, humwood golf club

072 623 3259