Network & VPN Services

Secure VPN for your business.

Sprint Telecoms builds private integrated infrastructure network platforms for multi-branch businesses, satellite offices and companies that need workers to work remotely.  With multiple redundancy options designed to guard against common connectivity failures, Sprint Telecoms private business networks deliver a reliable and secure connection that allows trouble-free connectivity. Let us show you how to connect remote branches as well as workers to your head office.

VPN Benefits

  • Secure

    Enabling you to have a secure, encrypted connection between your businesses devices and an Internet server.

  • Reliable

    Our multiple redundancy options are designed to guard against common connectivity failures.

  • Fast Connectivity

    We ensure that mission critical bandwidth and traffic requirements such as voice and video are prioritised on your network ahead of lower priority traffic.

  • Support

    We offer you the best in customer care and professionalism, giving you time to concentrate on what’s important to your business.

Get In Touch With Our Experts

If you are interested in giving your business a competitive edge, contact our fulfilment team who will conduct a cost-free feasibility study.